Write to your child online

Writing to your child is one of the most important parts of your sponsorship. Many children never hear from their sponsors. Whether you write a couple times a year, once per quarter or even monthly, your child will be so excited to hear from you! I set my calendar to remind me to send a letter at the start of each month.

AMG has made it very easy to write to your child online. Attaching pictures, however, is more complicated. But, even without pictures, your child will be so excited to hear from you!

This tutorial should help you send your first message.

Go to AMGINTERNATIONAL.COM where you with choose “Login” (yellow circle on the image below.)

Scrren 1

STEP TWO: Choose”Go to my Account”

screen 2
STEP THREE: After logging in with your email address and password, you will come to your account management page. Look for “communication tools” and click “send a letter.”

Screen 2b

STEP FOUR: Click the envelope icon next to your child’s photo.

screen 3

STEP FIVE: Type your message in the box and hit send. Remember, your child just wants to hear from you. You can tell him/her about the weather, your family, activities, etc. Your letter does not need to be long. Encourage your child to work hard in school, tell him/her you are proud, remind them you pray for them.

screen 4


If you are adventurous you can try attaching pictures. Unfortunately, AMG limits the size of each image to less than 1 MG so that means images from your phone will be too large. I recommend downloading pics from your Facebook account since it compresses them automatically.

After downloading a photo from Facebook. Click ATTACH PHOTO and then CHOOSE FILE on the next screen. You will find the pics you download in your downloads folders.

screen 5

Click on the photo you want to include and then click OPEN. You can repeat to attach a second image

Screen 6

After you have attached your photos, click “SEND” at the bottom right under the text of your letter and that’s all there is to it!

When will I hear back from my child?

Getting messages in and out of Guatemala is not as easy as you might think. Internet access is not common in most parts of the country and the poor cannot afford it where it is available.

Your message will travel to the AMG Guatemala office where it will be translated and printed for your child. It will be included with other letters to be delivered to the child’s school the next time a staff member travels there or someone comes to the main AMG center for training or a meeting. It may take several weeks to reach your child.

Return messages take even longer because they rely on the Guatemala post to be delivered out of the country. The US Postal service service does not even deliver to Guatemala at all. (info here)

We are fortunate to have a direct connection to our sister school in Oratorio to receive updates from the director by way of our Facebook page or messages to Scott.