Child Sponsorship

Click here to meet the children who are waiting for sponsors at our sister school in Oratorio.

Bridge to Life in Action

AMG’s approach to sponsorships has always been to partner with local nationals. AMG National Worker partners are key to meeting the needs of the many children under their care. With great compassion these men and women make the love of God known in very real and personal ways, regularly impacting the children through:

Educational support
Nutritional support
Healthy Meals
Medical intervention
Personal connection
Job Training
Family support
And the list goes on and on.

Many on the AMG staff are graduates of AMG schools themselves. They’ve experienced the power of sponsorship in their own lives and have seen how a faith-based approachto life brings strength and determination.

The central focus of these dedicated men and women is Hope. In the midst of the difficulties these children and youth face, the power of God is what really changes perspectives and lives and is the key to helping them cross the bridge of brokenness to a new life..