12924601_10103904614019127_6023011639764698219_nFBC Westbrook is a Faith Building Community of people who believe that following Jesus is not about religious pageantry but doing the stuff he did and trying to become like him.

Our goal is to be real with one another as we follow after Jesus. We have no desire to play church once a week. We believe that when we experience the Grace and Love of God and begin to follow Jesus, that it saturates and changes every area of our lives for the better. No, problems don’t leave us alone and life is still messy but, with Jesus, we gain a new perspective and purpose to stand through even the toughest challenges.

This blog site is meant to help you follow us when we are heading out of our comfort zones to love and serve others locally, nationally and globally. Why not join us next time? We’d love that!

Thanks so much to all the family, friends and neighbors who have supported us and made this trip possible. We will do our best, while we are serving, to update this blog with photos and reflections so that you can know how to pray for us and share in the work.

We love it when you leave comments for team members! Encourage them. It can help a lot on the trips we take, especially when we are far from home.

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