Access to Resources

This sweet, little girl now has a leg up, as do all of the children at the AMG Florida School in Guatemala City. Claro, the largest cell service and internet service provider in Central and South America, recently partnered with AMG to make this center the first state-of-the-art education center in terms of computer education and access to online learning.

They donated and installed this computer lab, upgraded all electrical systems and even repainted the building.

I simply was overwhelmed seeing it all. I’m sure those of you who have traveled with me are amazed as well!

These children have a brighter and clearer (“claro” in Spanish) future because of access to resources. Even the teachers now have access to further education because Claro also is providing free internet service. Dios es bueno!

Thank you, Claro, for partnering with AMG Guatemala. If you were in Maine, you would be my cell and internet provider!

My prayer is that this is the beginning and that one day all of the children in the 33 AMG schools will have the same access to resources.

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