Meeting the team

Just jump

Juliana and Matthew are 9 year old twins here in Guatemala with their mom and dad to serve on our 2018 Bundles of Love team.

While we were here in the team house settling in, sorting, planning and waiting for all to arrive, a group of us went up onto the roof.

Adults chatted, teenagers laughed and Juliana and Matthew explored. They found another level of the roof and quickly figured out that they could run down a small slope and jump off a four-foot wall onto the lower roof.

So, they ran and jumped. Of course they did. That’s what children do. We adults walked past that same wall and none of us thought, “hey! Let’s jump!”

Even after seeing their smiling faces and hearing their laughs, we did not jump. If they had invited us we would have immediately started listing our limitations and why we shouldn’t jump.

The first time I jumped into foreign missions was in 1980. I was nervous. Since then I’ve jumped numerous times.

Now, like the twins with their jump, I get excited. I run toward the wall, kick my feet up, throw my hands up and jump.

It’s amazing what God does when I trust him enough to jump into his work. I love it.

Tomorrow the real work of the 2018 Bundles of Love team begins. Today we’ll worship together, get some cultural context, organize our stops and build our team.

I cannot wait…

-Scott Linscott

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