We need old military duffel bags


guatemala duffle bags

School supplies are like gold to many of the children of Guatemala. Public schools are

terribly underfunded and many poor children do not continue beyond 6th grade simply because they cannot afford to pay for supplies, school uniforms and textbooks.

Since we are not flying to Guatemala on a US carrier, each team member is allowed two bags of up to 50 pounds for no extra charge. That gave us an idea!

How cool would it be to stuff up to 18 bags with pencils, pens, glue sticks, scissors, notebooks, tape and construction paper and deliver them to our school in Oratorio? Or, we could fill some of the bags with other needs and supplies.
In fact, we’d love it if you joined us in stuffing a bag at your office, in your school classroom or civic club.

Why duffel bags? 

  1. They are lighter than suitcases so we can fit more inside
  2. They are easy to transport when empty so we can roll them up and bring them back to refill again for our next trip in a few years.
  3. Uniformity. They’ll go through customs more easily.

Do you have an old duffel bag we can have or borrow?

Yes, we can buy used duffel bags for around $20 each but we would much rather spend that money on supplies for the children.

If you have a bag we can have, please email scott@fbcwestbrook.com  or drop it by the church at 733 Main Street at the side door on the right by the insurance agency. If you would like it returned please mark it clearly.

Thanks so much!