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Business and corporate sponsors make a large difference

We know businesses are approached time after time to sponsor everything from dance teams to travelling basketball squads. All are worthy causes in need of funding so that parents don’t have to bear the full weight of all the expenses.

So why sponsor our Guatemala team? Where does the money go?
We’re glad you asked! By sponsoring our team trip to Guatemala in April of 2018, you are making an investment in changing the lives of children trapped in poverty.

How can we make that claim? In 2016, eighteen of us took our first trip to Oratorio to help paint a school where children received a daily meal, vitamins, educational support and even access to medical care.

Our group grew more and more connected to the center and the children. We saw the impact of child sponsorship firsthand. We saw the joy on the children’s faces as they ran to their classrooms to eat a healthy lunch. It changed us and we came away sponsoring 9 children we met while there.

When we got back to Westbrook, we told others of the needs and how sponsoring a child can literally be a “bridge to life” and change his future. Others sponsored too. In fact, since we took that first trip 25-30 children now now have sponsors. That is more than 10% of that school.

What else? Because we took that first trip, the school no longer has a dusty cement floor kitchen where meals were prepared over wood fires. Now they have a beautiful tiled floor, full walls and new cooking surfaces. The director says it is so much easier to clean and much more hygienic.

What else? The large-group meeting area now has metal shutters to keep out the rain during the rainy season, the dust during the heat and the noise from the town’s dirt soccer field right on the outside of the school wall.

In April we are heading back to what is now our sister school in Oratorio, Guatemala. Our plan is to help them move forward with more improvements, spend time with all the children supported by our Southern Maine families, help in the classrooms and kitchen feeding the children.

We are again bringing a doctor to provide a clinic. On our last trip, upon examining a little boy, he discovered a need for surgery that would be simple here in the United States. We came home and raised the funds for him to get his surgery and today he is a healthy 9 year old running and playing like there was never an issue.

Your sponsorship helps our work in Guatemala continue. Your support is an investment in changing lives rather than buying new uniforms or sending us to march in a Thanksgiving parade.

Two levels of sponsorship:

Major Sponsor – $300
Major sponsors will be publicly thanked on the FBC church full-color, digital sign at 733 Main Street where approximately 20,000 cars pass each day during the entire month of April during the peak drive time of 3-6 PM, Monday through Friday. Also, your business will be listed in a larger font size on the backs of our team t-shirts on 40-50 shirts worn locally. Major business sponsors will also be thanked on our social media outlets and publications within the church.

Team Sponsor – $100
As our thanks, your business will be listed on the backs of our team t-shirts on 40-50 shirts worn locally. Team sponsors will also be thanked on our social media outlets and publications within the church.

If you would like to help as a corporate or business sponsor, you can either give your tax-deductible gift online at this secure online site or by mailing your gift made out to “FBC Westbrook” to:

FBC Westbrook – Guatemala 2018
733 Main St.
Westbrook, ME 04092

You can also give your gift to a team member. Thank you so much for partnering with us and making a difference in the lives of children trapped in poverty.

GUAT 2018 shirt example

Guatemala 2018 Team Shirts

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