What a success!

So much stuff was donated for our Guatemala 2018 yard sale! We were originally going to move it all down to the parking lot but the weather forecast convinced us that would have been a bad idea so we organized it all inside. Yowza, what a task!

It accomplished three things:

  1. Our Guatemala mission team worked well together to pull it off. It was good team training.
  2. It raised $1200.00 toward the almost $30,000 the team is raising for the 2018 trip and work project.
  3. It met needs in our community and gave us a chance to love our neighbors.

Why Guatemala?

One man at the yard sale asked me why we we go to Guatemala when there are needs right here. I explained that we are AND people who believe in showing the love of Jesus by serving in Westbrook AND regionally AND nationally AND internationally. (Acts 1:8) We had a great talk about our monthly free community meals, our support of the community food pantry, our support of Maine’s Good Shepherd Food bank, our Westbrook Together day free food and fair and a bunch of the other stuff going on. It was awesome. I think he might join us at the Open Door Kitchen.

At 11 AM we made everything free and announced it on the sign. That was so cool!

We met a man who had no furniture. We delivered a couch, a chair and a table. We met an elderly woman with bald tires and just happened (providence) to have 4 very nice tires that fit her car. She insisted on donating a handful of quarters.

We delivered furniture to a woman whose apartment had a bed bug infestation forcing her to get rid of everything.

It was so cool to meet so many needs, make deliveries and see God provide for people.

About $300 in donations came in after everything was free as people insisted on giving $3 here and $5 there.

Sunday morning six of our new connections joined us for worship.

Guatemala Bound

There is still much to be done. Each team member is raising or paying $1200 for the trip directly and then the team is working to raise the remainder together through events like the yard sale.

We are off to a great start thanks to all who donated items and came to shop.

Meet some of the children we sponsor. Their lives are now on a different path.

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