Well, here I go again!

I’m on a bus headed back to Guatemala. It’s the first leg of bus, plane, plane, car to get to were I’m going. In just 14 hours my friends Brian Dennett and Sam Avila will pick me up in Guatemala City.

I like to travel light. This time “light” does not describe me. I have two suitcases, gifts for 16 of the 19 children we sponsor as a church, my laptop editing setup and a packpack filled with camera gear. I’m hoping for curbside luggage drop for Delta in Boston to ditch these two giant, 48 pound bags as soon as possible.

My primary task this week will be to tell stories through photographs and video. I’m pumped about the photo part and somewhat anxious about video. I’m not a videographer but will give it a shot!

Tomorrow morning I will photograph a church that is part of AMG Guatemala’s Family Preservation program. AMG is developing relationships with local churches in support of local communities. The hope is to build strong connections between churches and their neighborhoods so that AMG can help meet needs through them. It will be dark but I brought my remote lights to place strategically.

I’ll try to keep updates coming throughout the week whenever I have WiFi. Each day will hold new experiences and new challenges.

Hugs to all! Thanks for all your help!



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