Is it over? No! It’s just begun!

Sometimes church mission trips are just quick experiences and then they are over. As the weeks go by, the experience can fade and the work is forgotten. That’s not the case with our trip to Guatemala. How so?

13244230_951932471589455_6307412616180097809_oWe have children who are now depending on us! Our team came home sponsoring 10 children. That means we are investing in their education, their nutrition and their health. We’re making it possible for them to continue to receive help from AMG. But, more important than the $32 a month we send per child, there are now connections with people we met and fell in love with. Sponsored children love getting letters from their sponsors and many have later said the letters were the key to encouraging them in their faith and education.

It get’s better! When we told our church family about the need, another 9 took information to pray about sponsoring additional kids. At least four of those have already followed through online to put their sponsorships in place. (Visit AMG online by clicking here to see the kids who are still waiting.)

Imagine the change if we, as a faith family at FBC Westbrook, could sponsor 20 children from Oratorio! We could have a real and substantial impact on that community and the future for so any people.

I’m excited to see so many people putting their faith into action. I’m excited about the connections we have with “our school” in Oratorio and the fantastic staff there. I’m excited about the prospect of returning in the future to reconnect with our kids and see how they have grown.

I have goals. I’m a goal kind of guy. My big goal is to return with bilingual children’s books that will help the teachers and students learn English so that they might find employment in a call center, airport or tourist center. Another goal is to write to both of my sponsored children each month (we have 8 year old Tanya in Oratorio and 17 year old Vincent in Ghana) to encourage them.

I’m also excited to see us be able to partner with my friends, Brian and Mary Dennett, who, 8 years ago, sold everything and took their family to Guatemala to live out their faith in a tangible way.

Our trip was just the beginning of relationships that will shape the future. That has me pretty pumped!


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