It was God’s plan. Stacey & Bill Lamson

FBCGT Work Day-9When it was first announced that FBC-Westbrook was going to send a team to Guatemala I thought of every reason why(I felt) I couldn’t go, but my husband, Bill asked me if I would go with him and I reluctantly agreed.

God is so much bigger than the box we often put Him in.  All the things that we fret over we need to remember that God is in control.  I know now that it was God’s plan all along that I would be going on this trip…it just took me a little while to realize it.

We are going to Guatemala to encourage our missionaries, to do some service work, to love on some children and also to grow in our walk with Christ, which has already begun.  I am  looking forward to working alongside my team members growing together as we love God and love others in Guatemala and also when we return back home!

By Stacey Lamson


I have heard God’s call before and have ignored it.This time I answered without hesitation.
He knows why I am going and I am in His hands waiting for Him to show me the reason. My prayer is that I will serve Him, the missionaries, the people of Guatemala, and my team members well.

By Bill Lamson

FBCGT Work Day-46

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