Excited to go back! By Dana Kelly

I first fell in love with the people of Guatemala, especially the children, on my first trip down there in 2003.

As I look forward to going back, thoughts and emotions fill my heart as I know I will be seeing friends and fellow believers again.  I am excited to go back!!  I would not miss this trip for anything.  Also being the leader for this group of almost all newbies, makes me concerned as to how all these first timers will process all what they see and do while down in Guatemala.  I remember the debriefing meeting we had in Guatemala after my first trip down there.  I was heartbroken for all the children who we were leaving behind and what was going to happen to them, but then I remembered the words of our Lord who said, “ He will never leave them nor forsake them.”  The idea that a lot of these children were attending AMG schools where they were not only getting fed physically, but also spiritually made the trip home a little better.  I thank the Lord for the opportunity to once again be His servant down in Guatemala.

By Dana Kelly


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