Nervous and excited. By Melissa Wilson

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to serve on the mission field.  As a young girl, I  read in awe the stories of Elizabeth and Jim Elliot. The desire to serve was a learned one for sure as my mother was extremely mission minded.  It was her passion that helped raise awareness in our little church, supporting missionaries she loved, prayed for and new by name.  It was this faith that  inspired her and gave her the courage to undertake two mission trips to Haiti.  She came back from these trips profoundly changed, forever. 

I knew that if the opportunity ever presented itself to me then I needed to go.  That being said, I am a little nervous but mostly excited to go to Guatemala. I can’t wait to show these beautiful people that God loves them, that we love them.  I pray that I will be used in the very way that he desires and that I will bring back a passion to serve that inspires those around me. 

By Melissa Wilson

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