“What have I done?” By Jan Perry

Quite a few years ago, a dear friend went on a couple different mission trips to Haiti.  She left, by herself, as a representative from our church and met up with others somewhere along the way.  I remember back then thinking how brave she was and then hearing her stories when she returned made me think that maybe one day I may be called to do the same thing.


Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to serve here in Maine a couple different times and have always come away from the experience feeling like I was the one being blessed.  The satisfaction of knowing I was able to make someone’s life better by beautifying a park, upgrading a teen center or serving in a nursing home and sharing my faith was very rewarding.  However, it always made me wonder what it would be like to serve outside of my comfort zone, in an area where I have never been, not knowing what was going to be expected of me and just go with the trust and faith in God that this is what He wants me to do.


Well, this opportunity has presented itself.   I agreed to go immediately.  After the first meeting, I had a couple of sleepless nights and in the morning wondering, “what have I done? I will never be able to raise all that money, etc.,”  Serious health issues arose with two family members that made me start rethinking the whole idea.  We were encouraged by our team leaders to hang in there,  attend the meetings and workshops and see how it all shakes out.


After a couple meetings/workshops, I began to look around at our team and became very aware that we may think “we” made the decision to go to Guatemala,  but I now feel we were all chosen by God.  Yep, I am excited and a bit anxious, but I now feel ready to go and serve as Jesus wants me to serve.  We are going to go and “Love God and Love Others” and I am also excited to share in this adventure with a bunch of amazing people and get to know them better by serving our God side by side in Guatemala.


By Jan PerryFBCGT Work Day-18

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