“Here I am lord, send me.” Lorin Smith

The question: “why do I want to go to Guatemala on a mission trip?”


I have been on at least three local mission trips. I went to Washington D C attending the promise keepers million man march there. I’ve attended men’s groups and  concluded that I should  be mentoring at my age. While driving trucks for a living I would listen to the Bible on tapes and went through the Bible 5 times that way in a year. The good Lord  has given me far more than I deserve or could have imagined: a fully paid house, a sufficient retirement, returned a family to me including a daughter and grandson  He even restored my health after a stroke. All I can do is say “ here I am lord, send me…nevertheless not my will but thine.”


But why Guatemala?
 I’ve heard and read about dump children in Guatemala. I know a woman who was a dump child. That kind of childhood is unacceptable. I was so poor in college I had to stop in my senior year. I was poor in both Florida and  New Orleans. But I returned to college in Florida and left New Orleans with a car and  $1000 in my pocket but no destination. A few years later I bought a house near Boston.  Now, in Westbrook I rent out apartments. Many of my friends are considered poor. Nevertheless the Lord lets my cup run over and spill into theirs. I can identify with the poor.


What should I do there?
My specialty was manufacturing engineering  I can take an idea and get it into production: material handling, work descriptions, tools and inspection standards. The Holy Spirit once told me to feed His sheep, with cookies and birthday cakes, then to help the poor, to remove stresses for the glory of the Great Comforter and to mentor others through example. Now I believe I am being told to bring a message of hope and love to Guatemalan children. I know there is hope for Guatemala.


 The last reason is that I am over seventy, I want to travel and may not get another opportunity, but I am willing to pay my own way and the good Lord has provided. “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.”


By Lorin Smith
FBCGT Work Day-47

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